Sample XML configuration file that installs only the WebApplicationServer and OrganizationWebService roles


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016

The following example installs only the Web Application Server and Organization Web Service server roles on the local computer. In order to use this configuration file the configuration database must already exist on the Microsoft SQL Server that is named SQLServer. The feature will be installed in the default IIS website. To specify a different website, use the <WebsiteUrl> element. For more information, see Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server XML configuration file.


The Web Application Server requires the Organization Web Service. Therefore, even when you specify only the WebApplicationServer role name, the Organization Web Service (OrganizationWebService) will automatically be installed.

<Patch update="true">\\server\share\patchfile.msp</Patch>
<Database create="false" />
<InstallDir>c:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM</InstallDir>
<WebsiteUrl create="true" port="5555"> </WebsiteUrl>
   <Role name="WebApplicationServer"/>
<SQM optin="true" />
<MUoptin optin="true" />
<CrmServiceAccount type="DomainUser">
<MonitoringServiceAccount type=”DomainUser”>


Maintaining the configuration file that has <ServiceAccountLogin> and <ServiceAccountPassword> values specified is a security risk because you are storing a password in plain text. Delete these elements as soon as the configuration file is used to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2016.

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