Creating application assemblies

Several application assemblies are included with the Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP. These are the assemblies for the core application (Dynamics.dic) and the other applications that are delivered with Microsoft Dynamics GP.

When developing integrations that use resources from these dictionaries, always use the application assemblies that are included with the Visual Studio Tools installation. These assemblies are digitally signed, indicating they were produced by Microsoft. Don't generate your own versions of application assemblies for dictionaries shipped with the Microsoft Dynamics GP product.

You will create application assemblies for the following cases:

  • A forms dictionary exists for a product, and you want your Microsoft Dynamics GP integration to access the modified resources in the forms dictionary.
  • You have installed a third-party dictionary for which no application assembly exists, and you want to access resources in this dictionary from your Microsoft Dynamics GP integration. The third-party dictionary could contain new forms and other resources. It could contain alternate forms from the Dynamics.dic dictionary.