Object-Level Security

When you open a company in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, your ability to access information is determined by the security system.

Object-Level Security

Object-level security is the set of permissions on Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects that constitute a permission set. Permission sets determine the access that users have and the tasks that users can perform on objects in the database.

Security System Database Objects

You can define permissions for all types of objects in a Microsoft Dynamics NAV database.

Object Type Description

Table Data

The actual data that is stored in the tables.


The tables themselves.


The pages that are used to view and enter data.


The reports that are used to present the data.


The codeunits that are used in the database.


The XMLports that are used to import and export data.


The object that contains the menus that are displayed in the navigation pane.


The object that you use to specify a dataset from the database.


The system tables in the database that allow the user to make backups, change license files, and so on.

The various permission sets that exist in Microsoft Dynamics NAV determine the actions that you can perform on these objects. For more information about permissions, see Permissions on Database Objects.

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