Item Availability by Timeline Window

Provides a graphical view of an item’s projected inventory based on future supply and demand events, with or without planning suggestions. The result is a graphical representation of the inventory profile.

Supply is represented by the front side of a bar rising on the y-axis. Demand is represented by the rear side of a bar falling on the y-axis. The horizontal top of the bar represents the time that the projected inventory exists. You can modify planning suggestions and certain supply orders behind the graphical information by dragging elements along the y-axis to change quantity or along the x-axis to change due date. For more information, see How to: Modify Planning Suggestions in a Graphical View.

The projected inventory figures are shown graphically in the Timeline FastTab. At a minimum, this information is based on actual inventory and direct supply/demand from existing orders, but you can select to also include figures from forecasts, blanket orders, and planning suggestions. Availability information for indirect supply/demand types is shown with a different fill color than the information for inventory and orders.

The information that is shown in the Item Availability by Timeline window depends on where you open it from.

  • If you open the window from an item card, then the TimeLine FastTab shows the item’s projected inventory as an orange graph based on inventory and existing orders for all variants and locations. You can select the Include Planning Parameters field to expand the projected inventory figures to also include suggested supply orders in the requisition and planning worksheet, as a green graph.

  • If you open the window from a planning or requisition worksheet line, then it shows the item’s projected inventory filtered on any location or variant code that is used on the worksheet line. You can select the Show Projected Inventory field to also see figures for the item’s inventory and existing orders.

You can include anticipated demand in the graphical view at any time by selecting these fields on the Options FastTab:

  • Select a number in the Forecast Name field. The forecast figures are shown in the graphs as dotted fill.

  • Select the Include Blanket Sales Orders field. The blanket sales orde demand is shown in the graphs as dotted fill.

For all elements on the Timeline FastTab, you can open the underlying document by double-clicking the circle or cross symbol that represents the document. Alternatively, you can right-click the symbol and select Show Document.

For more information about the different ways that you can view an item’s projected availability, see How to: View Item Availability.

Options FastTab

Provides filters that define which availability figures to display on the Timeline FastTab. In addition, you can use the Last Updated field to see when availability figures in the Item Availability by Timeline window were last updated with changes.

Timeline FastTab

Shows the item’s projected inventory as graphs in a diagram with dates on the x-axis and quantities on the y-axis. You can view two different graphs by selecting the following fields under the x-axis.

Field Resulting graphs

Projected Inventory

Shows inventory and supply and demand from existing orders.

Include Planning Suggestions

Shows projected inventory and suggested supply from the planning system.

If this field is selected, you can modify certain elements that appear in the green graph.


If inventory exists for the item, then that figure is shown in the graph two days before the date of the first supply or demand event. A tooltip in the graph for this point in time says “Period start: [quantity] [UOM]”. Likewise, the graph continues seven days after the last supply or demand event to show the inventory level that exists after that point in time.

The rounding of quantity values on the y-axis is defined by the value in the Rounding Precision field on the Item card.

Each supply or demand element on the Timeline FastTab is represented by a circle or cross symbol depending on its type. In addition to the circle symbol, each suggested supply element has an icon that helps identify the related planning action message.

When you place the mouse pointer over a symbol, the symbol enlarges, and a tooltip appears.

For information about the symbols and icons that are shown on the Timeline FastTab, see Symbols and Icons in the Timeline FastTab.

Event Changes FastTab

Shows the planning suggestions that can be modified. For more information about the types of supply suggestions that are listed, see the Description field on the Event Changes FastTab.

You can modify the planning suggestions by dragging in the graphical view, or you can change the Due Date and the Quantity fields.

The Original Due Date and the Original Quantity fields are read-only and do not change because of changes that you make in the Item Availability by Timeline window.


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