EXECUTE Function

Runs a report in preview or processing only mode without running the request page. The function gets the request page parameter values as an input parameter string from a RUNREQUESTPAGE Function call.

REPORT.EXECUTE (Number, Parameters[,RecordRef])


  • Number
    Type: Integer The ID of the report that you want to run. To specify the report from a list, on the View menu, choose Symbols. If the report that you specify does not exist, then a run-time error occurs.
  • Parameters
    Type: Text or Code A string of request page parameters as XML to use to run the report. The parameter string is typically retrieved from the return value a RUNREQUESTPAGE Function function call.
  • RecordRef
    Type: RecordRef The RecordRef that refers to a record in a table.


You typically use this function together with the RUNREQUESTPAGE Function function. The RUNREQUESTPAGE function runs a report request page without actually running the report, but instead, returns the parameters that are set on the request page as a string. You can then call the EXECUTE function to get the parameter string and run the report.

For a simple example that illustrates how to use the EXECUTE function, see example in the RUNREQUESTPAGE Function function topic.

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