Synchronize After Coupling

Specifies whether to synchronize the product record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the item record in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

You can use this option to make the data in specific fields of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM product the same as the Microsoft Dynamics NAV item. Synchronization is performed only on fields that are mapped together. In the Coupled Records FastTab, you can see the current data in most of the mapped fields. The following table describes the options for this field.

Option Description


Do not synchronize the records.

Yes - Use the Dynamics NAV Data

Copies the data from mapped fields of the item record in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the product record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. If a product field has existing data, it will be overwritten.

If you choose to create a new product in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, this option is selected by default and cannot be changed.


Synchronization occurs after you close the window by choosing the OK button.


For more information on how to work with fields and columns, see Work with Data. For assistance in finding specific pages, see Search.

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