Services (Windows Workflow)


This section contains samples that demonstrate scenarios using workflow services.

In This Section

Demonstrates how the messaging activities, Receive and SendReply can be used to expose an existing custom activity as an operation in a workflow service.

Accessing OperationContext
Demonstrates how the messaging activities (Receive and Send) can be used with a custom scope activity to access Current and attach or retrieve a custom message header within an outgoing or incoming message.

LINQ Message Query Correlation
Demonstrates how to do content-based correlation using a custom MessageQuery implementation as opposed to the system-provided XPathMessageQuery.

Correlated Calculator
Demonstrates how to use the messaging activities (Receive and SendReply) in the designer with content-based correlation based on a parameter in the message.

Securing Workflow Services
Demonstrates creating a basic workflow service using the Receive and SendReply activities, and using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) configuration to define secure endpoints for use by the workflow service.

Asynchronous Communication
Demonstrates how the communication between two different Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) services is done asynchronously by default.