Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 IT Compliance Management

Published: November 6, 2009   |   Updated: December 1, 2010


What’s New

This Solution Accelerator has been replaced by the IT Compliance Management Series, a resource designed to help eliminate the murkiness of IT governance, risk, and compliance (GRC). The series helps to bridge the knowledge gap for IT pros by translating auditor expectations and IT GRC authority document requirements into real IT tasks through the use of control activities that are specific to a particular technology or platform.

To learn more, visit the IT Compliance Management Series page in the TechNet Library.

For a complete end-to-end solution, the IT Compliance Management Series should be used in combination with System Center Service Manager and the Microsoft IT GRC Process Management Pack for System Center Service Manager.

Click here to download the IT Compliance Management Series.

Click here to download System Center Service Manager.

Click here to download the Microsoft IT GRC Process Management Pack for System Center Service Manager.

Related Resources

  • IT GRC Process Management Pack for System Center Service Manager. This tool provides end-to-end compliance management and automation for desktop and datacenter computers.
  • Microsoft System Center Service Manager.  System Center Service Manager 2010, a new addition to the System Center suite of products, delivers an integrated platform for automating and adapting IT service management best practices to your organization’s requirements.
  • Security Compliance Manger. This tool incorporates extensive guidance and documentation in one centralized location, enabling organizations to access and automate their security baselines for Windows client and server operating systems—including Windows 7—and Microsoft applications.
  • Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) 4.0. MOF 4.0 delivers practical guidance for everyday IT practices and activities, helping users establish and implement reliable, cost-effective IT services for GRC activities.

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