Running Load and Web Performance Tests

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After you have created a load or a Web performance test, you can run it multiple times. This is a common practice for conducting trend analysis.



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Running load tests: You can run your load tests that contain Web performance tests, unit tests and coded UI tests and view the results while the tests run.

Running Web performance tests: You can run your Web performance test to identify performance issues and errors in your Web application.

Running load tests with Team Build: You can add your Web performance and load tests to a test category. The test category can be configured so that it runs after a build has completed.

Before you can run a load test or a Web performance test, you must first create one. For more information, seeĀ Creating and Editing Load and Web Performance Tests.

When you create a load test, you can configure multiple run settings for it and select the one that you want to use when you run the load test. For more information, seeĀ Configuring Load Test Run Settings.

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