Managing User Mailboxes

Applies to: Exchange Server 2010

Add an E-Mail Address for a User Mailbox

Create a Mailbox

Create a Mailbox for an Existing User

Change the Languages for a User Mailbox

Create a Linked Mailbox

Connect a Mailbox

Configure Anti-Spam Features on a Mailbox

Configure Deleted Mailbox and Disabled Personal Archive Retention

Configure Mail Forwarding

Configure Message Size Limits for a Mailbox or a Mail-Enabled Public Folder

Configure Storage Quotas for a Mailbox

Configure User and Resource Mailbox Properties

Convert a Mailbox

Convert a Mailbox to a Linked Mailbox

Disable a Mailbox

Disable MAPI for All Mailboxes on a Server

Enable or Disable MAPI for a User Mailbox

Remove a Mailbox

Restrict the Number of Recipients per Message

Update a Recipient's Address and Phone Information