Hybrid > Hybrid Configuration Wizard > Organization Policies

Select Organization Configuration Transfer to have the Hybrid Configuration wizard copy over organization-wide policies from your on-premises organization to Office 365. You can see the objects that are considered in scope here.


Policies other than the ones listed above aren't copied by the wizard and need to be copied to Office 365 manually. For a list of policies and attributes copied by the wizard, see Organization Configuration Transfer Attributes.

Organization Configuration Transfer not only copies the organization policy objects from on-premises to Exchange Online (EXO), but also updates the values in EXO with the values from on-premises. If object values are updated on-premises after they are moved to EXO, admins can re-run OCT to copy over the updated values from on-premises to EXO. Admins will continue to control the process of keeping the objects in sync but with reduced effort by using OCT.

Some policy settings in Office 365 can't be changed, even if they can be in an on-premises organization. If the wizard tries to copy a setting to Office 365, and the policy setting in Office 365 is read-only, the on-premises value won't be copied.

This feature is supported on Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, and Exchange 2019.


In Exchange 2010, you need to run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard on the server. This feature will fail if you try to run the HCW remotely for Exchange 2010.