How to: Customize File Types for the Team

As the database administrator, you can customize the types of files to store in the Visual SourceSafe database for your team. You can do this using the SourceSafe Options dialog box through Visual SourceSafe Administrator.

To customize file types:

  1. In Visual SourceSafe Administrator, on the Tools menu, click Options.

  2. In the SourceSafe Options dialog box, click the File Types tab.

  3. In the File groups box, check the available groups of file types and ensure that the groups you require are present. These groups are displayed under List Files of Type entries in many Visual SourceSafe dialog boxes.

  4. Select any groups your site does not require and click the Delete button to remove these groups.

  5. Use the Add button to add required file groups.

  6. Now check the Binary files box to see if the types of binary files that are specified are correct for your installation.

  7. When finished making the settings for your team, click OK.

  8. Quit Visual SourceSafe Administrator, and tell your users to close and restart Visual SourceSafe Explorer for your changes to take effect.

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