Serial Device Control Requests

Serial provides device control requests to control the operation of serial devices that support a 16550 UART-compatible interface.

Serial supports IOCTL_SERIAL_Xxx requests that a client can use to perform the following tasks:

  • Get and set control registers and control signals.

  • Get and set line control and modem control.

  • Set FIFO control.

  • Get and set handshake and flow control operation and parameters.

  • Get and set wait events.

  • Purge internal buffers, set the receive buffer size, and reset the device.

  • Get and set timeouts that are used for read and write requests.

  • Get and clear performance statistics.

  • Get status information.

  • Get properties of the device.

Serial supports IOCTL_SERIAL_INTERNAL_Xxx requests that a trusted kernel-mode client can use to perform the following tasks:

  • Set basic settings on a device and restore previous settings.

  • Disable and enable the wait/wake operation of a device.

For more information about the high-level operation of COM ports, see the information about the communication resources that are supported by the Windows Base Services in the Microsoft Windows SDK.

For more information about Serial I/O requests, see Serial Driver Reference.



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