Sources File

You describe Build utility products in a file that is named "Sources" that is located in each source code subdirectory.

The Sources file contains a series of macro definitions that are recognized by the Build utility. For more information, see Using Macros and Environment Variables.

Each Sources file must contain the following macro definitions:

The !include Directive and the SOURCES_USED Macro

If you use the !include preprocessing directive to include some file in a Sources file or in, you must use the SOURCES_USED macro to list the included files.

The files that are listed in SOURCES_USED are treated as a dependency for regenerating the _objects.mac file. This file is in the root of the dependency tree, and contains all the dependencies for building the current directory. Adding these file names to the SOURCES_USED macro guarantees that the Build utility will correctly detect whether _objects.mac has to be updated.

There are several preprocessing directives available, such as !include, !if, and !endif. For more information, see Makefile Preprocessing Directives on MSDN.

For information about how to create a Sources file, see Utilizing a Sources file Template.



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