JobTable element

The required JobTable element contains current and historical information about print jobs.

JobTable is defined in the namespace at this URI: and referenced by the prefix wprt. (This resource may not be available in some languages and countries.)


  child elements


There are no attributes.

Text value


Child elements

Element Description


Contains a list of all currently active jobs at the printer.


Contains information about print jobs that have not yet completed processing.

Parent elements

There are no parent elements.


The WSD Print Service uses a JobTable element to track all current and finished jobs submitted to the Print Service. JobTable has two job lists. The first list, ActiveJobs, holds all jobs that have not yet completed processing. The state of active jobs could be printing, pending, or stopped. The second list, JobHistory, optionally contains a subset of the most recent jobs that have finished processing. These jobs could have printed, been aborted, or failed for other reasons. The maximum number of jobs in this list depends on the device.

The following syntax block shows that you must also prefix the names of the child elements with the appropriate namespace (in this case wprt), to be certain that you are referencing child elements in the correct namespace.

 <wprt:ActiveJobs> data </wprt:ActiveJobs>
 <wprt:JobHistory> data </wprt:JobHistory>

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