HBA_RegisterForAdapterPortStatEvents routine

The HBA_RegisterForAdapterPortStatEvents routine registers the indicated user callback routine to call when a port statistics event occurs.


HBA_STATUS HBA_API HBA_RegisterForAdapterPortStatEvents(
   void                  *userData,
   HBA_HANDLE            handle,
   HBA_WWN               PortWWN,
   HBA_UINT32            statType,
   HBA_CALLBACKHANDLE    *callbackHandle


  • callback
    Pointer to a callback routine of type HBA_PORTSTAT_CALLBACK that is called when an adapter is added to the system.

  • userData
    Pointer to a buffer that is passed to the callback routine with each event. This data correlates the event with the source of the event registration.

  • handle
    Contains a value returned by the routine HBA_OpenAdapter that identifies the HBA for which the adapter events are generated.

  • PortWWN
    Contains a 64-bit worldwide name (WWN) that uniquely identifies the HBA port from which port events are reported. For a discussion of worldwide names, see the T11 committee's Fibre Channel HBA API specification.

  • stats
    Pointer to a structure of type HBA_PortStatistics that, on input, holds the statistical levels that determine when port statistics events are generated. On output, this member holds statistical data gathered for the port referenced by PortWWN.

  • statType
    Holds a value that indicates the mechanism used to trigger port statistics events. If the value is HBA_EVENT_PORT_STAT_THRESHOLD, then each non-NULL member of the HBA_PortStatistics structure pointed to by stats will indicate the threshold at which an event is generated for that particular statistical parameter. For example, if the TxWords member of the HBA_PortStatistics structure holds a value of 1,000,000, then an event will be generated once 1,000,000 words have been transmitted.

    If the value of statType is HBA_EVENT_PORT_STAT_GROWTH, then the values in the HBA_PortStatistics structure will be interpreted as growth-rate numbers. The T11 committee's Fibre Channel HBA API specification recommends that port statistics be checked once a minute, and if the value or a given statistics parameter has grown by more than the number indicated for that parameter in HBA_PortStatistics, an event is generated, but the actual frequency with which growth is monitored is hardware-specific.

  • callbackHandle
    Pointer to an opaque identifier that the user must pass to HBA_RemoveCallback to de-register the callback routine.

Return value

The HBA_RegisterForAdapterPortStatEvents routine returns a value of type HBA_STATUS that indicates the status of the HBA. In particular, this member should have one of the following values.

Return code Description

Returned if the callback routine was successfully registered.


Returned if the HBA referenced by handle does not have a port with a name that matches the value in PortWWN.


Returned if the hardware does not support statistic events.


Returned if an unspecified error occurred that prevented the registration of the callback routine.



Target platform



Hbaapi.h (include Hbaapi.h)





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