KSPIN_MEDIUM structure

The KSPIN_MEDIUM structure identifies a specific connection on a communication bus.


  GUID  Set;
  ULONG Flags;


  • Set
    Specifies a GUID that specifies this communication bus.

  • Id
    Identifies a unique connection on the bus.

  • Flags
    Reserved for system use.


The KSPIN_MEDIUM structure identifies a medium, with a unique medium GUID and instance identifier, which is generated in a bus-specific manner. There is a reserved identifier value KSMEDIUM_TYPE_ANYINSTANCE that is used when bus instances are not of concern. For example, the KSMEDIUMSETID_Standard refers to the system bus, of which there should only be one. So this instance identifier is always used just as a convenience.

A pin may support multiple mediums and interfaces on those mediums. The way in which a pin is described implies that the list of interfaces is supported on all mediums enumerated for a pin. If there is a case in which this is not true, another pin may be used to describe each subset of interfaces for the specific mediums.

The medium is also cached by kernel streaming to speed up the search for a possible connection.

An example of use of this structure can be found in a tuner sample, in which KSPIN_MEDIUM represents unique connections between tuners, crossbars, and other tuner components.



Ks.h (include Ks.h)

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