Use email on your mobile phone


You can use a variety of mobile phones with Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses. After you configure the phone’s email settings, you can send and receive Office 365 email, and—if your mobile phone supports it—access calendar and contacts information. Among the mobile phones that can access Office 365 are Windows Phone, Apple iPhone, Android phones, and BlackBerry® devices.


For BlackBerry devices, when you use Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, you will only be able to send and receive email.

To set up email on your phone, go to the Mobile Phone Setup wizard to locate the directions specific to your phone, and then follow the directions for configuring your phone to work with Office 365.

After you've set up your mobile phone to access Microsoft Exchange Online in Microsoft Office 365 for professionals and small businesses, you can manage options for your phone such as changing the type of information that you can access from the phone or deleting all the information on your phone. You can manage some options directly on your phone, and others by signing in to your email account. For more information, see Managing Your Mobile Phone.

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