View an Alert

You can view alerts on the Alerts page in System Center Advisor. From this page, you can also view details about a specific alert, the solution for the issue that was identified, and the context (an XML version of the alert).

To view an alert

  1. In the Advisor portal, click the Alerts icon.

    All active alerts are displayed in the top window.

    You can control which alerts (active or closed) are displayed by filtering based on status. To change the filter, click the check mark next to Status, select Active, Closed (or both), and then click Apply.

  2. To view the details of an alert, click the specific alert.

    The alert details are displayed under the Details section of the page.


    The contextual data in the “Information collected” section might not accurately reflect the current state or context of the alert. This is because non-auto closing alerts do not generate updates to existing alerts. So, while the information collected is accurate for the time produced (last occurred time matches the information within the alerts), it might not be accurate for the current state.

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