EdmEntityType Constructor (Boolean, Boolean, IEdmEntityType, String, String, String, IEnumerable(IEdmStructuralProperty))

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Namespace:  Microsoft.Data.Edm.Library
Assembly:  Microsoft.Data.Edm (in Microsoft.Data.Edm.dll)


Public Sub New ( _
    isAbstract As Boolean, _
    isOpen As Boolean, _
    baseType As IEdmEntityType, _
    namespaceName As String, _
    namespaceUri As String, _
    name As String, _
    key As IEnumerable(Of IEdmStructuralProperty) _
Dim isAbstract As Boolean
Dim isOpen As Boolean
Dim baseType As IEdmEntityType
Dim namespaceName As String
Dim namespaceUri As String
Dim name As String
Dim key As IEnumerable(Of IEdmStructuralProperty)

Dim instance As New EdmEntityType(isAbstract, _
    isOpen, baseType, namespaceName, _
    namespaceUri, name, key)
public EdmEntityType(
    bool isAbstract,
    bool isOpen,
    IEdmEntityType baseType,
    string namespaceName,
    string namespaceUri,
    string name,
    IEnumerable<IEdmStructuralProperty> key
    bool isAbstract, 
    bool isOpen, 
    IEdmEntityType^ baseType, 
    String^ namespaceName, 
    String^ namespaceUri, 
    String^ name, 
    IEnumerable<IEdmStructuralProperty^>^ key
new : 
        isAbstract:bool * 
        isOpen:bool * 
        baseType:IEdmEntityType * 
        namespaceName:string * 
        namespaceUri:string * 
        name:string * 
        key:IEnumerable<IEdmStructuralProperty> -> EdmEntityType
public function EdmEntityType(
    isAbstract : boolean, 
    isOpen : boolean, 
    baseType : IEdmEntityType, 
    namespaceName : String, 
    namespaceUri : String, 
    name : String, 
    key : IEnumerable<IEdmStructuralProperty>


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