Microsoft.Data.Tools.Design.Core.Controls Namespace


  Class Description
Public class BooleanToVisibilityHiddenConverter
Public class EditableContentControl implementation of a content control that supports edit mode
Public class EditableContentControlWithSingleClickEdit
Public class EndEditFromLostFocusEvnetArgs Event args to tell consumer of EditableContentControl the new focus element if the editing is ended from focus lost
Public class LoadingUI LoadingUI
Public class NullToReverseVisibilityConverter
Public class NullToVisibilityConverter
Public class StyledHyperlink StyledHyperlink class is a inheritted class of Hyperlink which includes the custom style
Public class SwitchCase Represents a mapping from an input value to an output value.
Public class SwitchConverter Transformer which maps from input values to output values, based on a list of SwitchCase children. This isn't strictly a C-style 'switch' statement, since cases aren't guaranteed to be unique.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration PerformEditResult Enum to indicate the result of an edit operation in designer