msProtocols property

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This member is not supported and should not be used. Determines if a specified protocol has an associated protocol handler.

This property is read-only.

Internet Explorer 10


ptr = object.msProtocols

Property values

Type: MSProtocolsCollection


This property allows web developers to detect if a specified protocol has an associated protocol handler application.

One possible use is determining if a local application can be used to process data associated with the given protocol, such as determining if a local video viewer can be used instead of the online version.

if (navigator.msProtocols["myProtocol"] === undefined) {
  // The "myProtocol://" protocol does not have a handler.

if (navigator.msProtocols["myProtocol"]) {
  // The "myProtocol://" protocol has a handler.

if (navigator.msProtocols["myProtocol"]) {
  location.href = "myProtocol://<Some path under the myProtocol protocol>";
} else {
 // Fallback code for when the "myProtocol" protocol doesn’t exist.

Note  Currently, you cannot iterate through the objects in the msProtocols "array."

The object returned from the msProtocols "array" has one property - protocol.

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