IIsWebDirectory.AppCreate3 (WMI)

The AppCreate3 method creates a new Web application, configures what type of process to run it in, and assigns it to an application pool, optionally creating the application pool.



  • AppMode
    [in] Long integer that specifies whether the application being created is to run in-process (0), out-of-process (1), or in a pooled process (2). If the application already exists and is running, changing the value of this flag will cause the application definition to be deleted and a new application created to run in the specified process space.

  • AppPoolName
    [in] A string that specifies the friendly name of the application pool you want this application to be a part of.

  • bCreate
    [in] A Boolean value that specifies if you want to create the application pool if it does not already exist.

Return Values

This method has no return values.


Server: Requires or Windows Server 2003.

Product: IIS

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