Implementing New Classes and Properties in the IIS ADSI Schema

This section describes information and examples on how to implement new objects and properties, and add them to the IIS ADSI Schema.

There are three ways to extend the IIS ADSI Schema, but the best results are obtained by using existing classes. If an existing class needs only additional properties to meet your needs, then only add those properties. If an existing class needs to contain other existing subclasses, then modify the containment list of the class to include the subclasses. Create a new class only when no existing class meets your needs.

You will need to use the methods of IADsContainer and IADs objects, as follows:

  • To create a new class for a new object or property, use IADsContainer::Create.

  • To read the attributes of Class and Property objects, use IADs::Get or IADs::GetEx.

  • To set the attributes of Class and Property objects, use IADs::Put or IADs::PutEx.

You must also provide the data type (or syntax) when the new object is created.

This section includes the following topics: