Managed-Code API Reference


This section of the IIS 7 development reference discusses the APIs that are available to managed-code developers. The APIs provides you with the extensibility mechanisms to enable partners and third parties to develop their own tools to manage aspects of their applications and sites in IIS Manager.


These APIs are available when you install IIS 7.

In This Section

Namespace Description
Microsoft.Web.Administration Contains classes that you can use to administer IIS Manager.
Microsoft.Web.Management.Client Contains classes that you can use to develop tools that are displayed in IIS Manager.
Microsoft.Web.Management.Client.Extensions Provides classes to extend features in IIS Manager.
Microsoft.Web.Management.Client.Win32 Contains user interface (UI) classes for creating Windows Forms.
Microsoft.Web.Management.Features.Administrators Contains a single class that identifies an administrator module.
Microsoft.Web.Management.Features.Delegation Contains a single class that identifies a delegation module.
Microsoft.Web.Management.Features.Service Contains a single class that identifies a management service module.
Microsoft.Web.Management.Host Contains a single interface that identifies the host of a management unit.
Microsoft.Web.Management.Host.Shell Contains two classes that work together to start IIS Manager and pass information to it.
Microsoft.Web.Management.Server Implements the server portion of a management feature in IIS Manager.


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