Unsubscribe Method

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Retrieves an Unsubscribe response.

Namespace:  Dpws.Device.Services
Assembly:  MFDpwsDevice (in MFDpwsDevice.dll)


Public Function Unsubscribe ( _
    header As WsWsaHeader, _
    reader As XmlReader, _
    serviceEndpoints As WsServiceEndpoints _
) As WsMessage
public WsMessage Unsubscribe(
    WsWsaHeader header,
    XmlReader reader,
    WsServiceEndpoints serviceEndpoints
WsMessage^ Unsubscribe(
    WsWsaHeader^ header, 
    XmlReader^ reader, 
    WsServiceEndpoints^ serviceEndpoints
member Unsubscribe : 
        header:WsWsaHeader * 
        reader:XmlReader * 
        serviceEndpoints:WsServiceEndpoints -> WsMessage 
public function Unsubscribe(
    header : WsWsaHeader, 
    reader : XmlReader, 
    serviceEndpoints : WsServiceEndpoints
) : WsMessage


Return Value

Type: Ws.Services.Soap. . :: . .WsMessage
A message containing the Unsubscribe response.


This method is used by the stack framework and is not intended for use in your code.

.NET Framework Security

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