RevoUtils package

The RevoUtils package provides utility functions that return information about your installation, such as path and memory usage.

Package details Description
Current version: 10.0.5
Built on: R 3.4.3
Package distribution: Machine Learning Server
R Client (Windows and Linux)
R Server 9.1 and earlier
SQL Server 2016 and later (Windows only)
Azure HDInsight
Azure Data Science Virtual Machines

How to use RevoUtils

From any R console window, you can call RevoUtils functions in an R session. You might want to check on memory usage if your script is crashing or performance is slow. If you get file not found errors, you can use these functions to quickly determine the location of the Home directory or packages installed with Microsoft R.

In an R session, load RevoUtils from the command line by typinglibrary(RevoUtils).

Function list

Class Description
getRevoRepos Path to the package repositories.
readNews Read R or package NEWS files.
Revo.home Path the Home directory.
`RevoInfo]( Functions giving information about Microsoft R.
totalSystemMemory Uses operating system tools to return total system memory.

Next steps

Add R packages to your computer by running setup for R Server or R Client:

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