FullMapName property

Returns the path and name of MapPoint Control's current map file. Returns an empty string if the map is a template, opened with the NewMap method on the MappointControl object, that has not been saved. Read-only String.

Applies to

Objects:  MappointControl




Part Description
object Required. An expression that returns a MappointControl object.


The FullMapName property is equivalent to the FullName property on the Map object, which is not available when running as an embedded control.

To save a map with the MapPoint Control, use the SaveMap or SaveMapAs method on the MappointControl object.


[Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0]
Sub Form_Load()   Dim strPath as String   'Assume the default installation Path   strPath = "C:\Program Files\Microsoft MapPoint\Samples\"   MappointControl1.OpenMap strPath & "Clients.ptm"   MsgBox MappointControl1.FullMapName End Sub
//Assume the MappointControl on your form is named "MappointControl1"
private void Form1_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { //Assume the default installation Path string path = "C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft MapPoint\\Samples\\"; try { MappointControl1.OpenMap(path + "Clients.ptm"); MessageBox.Show(MappointControl1.FullMapName); } catch { //error handling } }

Note  This sample code contains data that is specific for use in MapPoint North America; it is for illustration purposes only.