About the MapPoint Office COM add-in

The MapPoint Office COM add-in adds a toolbar button and menu items to many of your Microsoft Office programs, allowing you to work with MapPoint directly from within Office. You can insert embedded or linked maps into your Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft Visio documents, create a map of addresses from your Outlook contacts, begin planning a route in MapPoint using an address from your Word document, or export or link data from an Excel spreadsheet to MapPoint.

Microsoft Office programs for which the MapPoint Office COM add-in is available

Excel 2000 or later

Outlook 2000 or later

PowerPoint 2000 or later

Publisher 2002 or later

Visio 2002 or later

Word 2000 or later

The MapPoint Office COM add-in appears when you open an Office program, even if you installed the program after you installed MapPoint. You can remove the add-in from any of your Office programs.

To learn about how to use the MapPoint Office add-in from within Office, open the Office program Help and type using MapPoint in the What would you like to do? box in the Office Assistant or on the Answer Wizard tab.

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