AddPolyline method

Adds a new polyline to the map. Returns the newly created Shape object with a Type property of geoFreeform.

Applies to

Collections:  Shapes




Part Description
object Required. An expression that returns a Shapes collection.
ArrayOfLocations Required Variant. An array of Location objects that forms a polyline.


To add a closed polygon, use the same Location object for the first and last items in the array.

To return or set the vertices after a shape is created, use the Vertices property of the Shape object.

To learn more about drawing shapes on maps, see the About using shapes in MapPoint topic.


    Sub AddPolylineToMap()

  Dim objApp As New MapPoint.Application   Dim objMap As MapPoint.Map   Dim objLoc(1 To 3) As MapPoint.Location
  'Set up the application   Set objMap = objApp.ActiveMap   objApp.Visible = True   objApp.UserControl = True
  'Get three locations and zoom in   Set objLoc(1) = objMap.FindResults("Seattle, WA").Item(1)   Set objLoc(2) = objMap.FindResults("Redmond, WA").Item(1)   Set objLoc(3) = objMap.FindResults("Tacoma, WA").Item(1)   Set objMap.Location = objLoc(1)
  'Create a polyline by connecting these locations   objMap.Shapes.AddPolyline objLoc
  End Sub

Note  This sample code is specifically for use in MapPoint North America; it is for illustration purposes only.