Set the average driving speed

  1. On the Route menu, click More Options, and then click the Driving speeds tab.

  2. For each type of road, adjust the slider to match your driving style. Move the slider to the left if you drive slower than average, or move it to the right if you drive faster than average. If you leave the slider in the center, MapPoint uses the average speed for each type of road to calculate your route and estimate travel times. The settings to either side of Average set your speed at five, ten, or fifteen percent faster or slower than the average speed.

    Note  MapPoint provides estimates of travel times based on average speeds, not speed limits. Weather, traffic, and road construction are among the factors that affect actual driving times. MapPoint does not condone driving faster than the posted limit.

  3. Click OK.

  4. If you have already created a route, on the Route menu, click Get Directions.

    Note  Changing your driving speeds can also affect the roads used on your route if the preference for any route segment is set to Quickest (the default).


If you have not yet created a route, MapPoint automatically uses these settings when you create a route.

Click Reset to return the driving style settings to Average.

Measure distances in miles or kilometers

Set route and road-type preferences