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What is Undo/Redo?

The Undo and Redo features allow you to easily correct mistakes, as well as free you to experiment with different routing and data mapping decisions. Undo reverses the last action you performed, and Redo undoes the last Undo action.

Depending on your computer's resources, MapPoint keeps track of up to ten of your last actions. You can reverse the actions you performed one action at a time, in reverse consecutive order.

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Undo/Redo versus Back/Forward

The Back Back button and Forward Forward button buttons on the Navigation toolbar function very much like the Back and Forward buttons on your Internet browser. Whenever you change the map view by performing an action such as searching for a place, selecting an attraction, or zooming, MapPoint keeps track of the map views. You can return to the last map view by clicking Back. To return to the map view you had before clicking Back, click Forward.

The Undo Undo button and Redo Redo button buttons on the Standard toolbar are very different from the Back and Forward buttons in that they reverse actions you have performed.

Use Back and Forward if you want to change the map view, and use Undo and Redo if you want to reverse an action.

For example, if you have just added a new stop to your route and want to:

Change the map view without making changes to your route, click Back Back button.

Remove the last change you made to your route, click Undo Undo button.

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Actions that cannot be reversed

The following is a list of the most significant actions that cannot be reversed. For the actions marked with an asterisk (*), you will also be unable to undo any action done prior to that action.





Cut sets* (cutting individual objects can be reversed)

Delete sets* (deleting individual objects can be reversed)

Paste Link*

Link Data*

Update Linked Sets*

New data mapping of demographic data*

Match Records*

COM Add-ins (the underlying action may clear the Undo stack)

Show or hide the Territory Manager pane*

Create territory group*

Delete territory group*

Delete territory*

Import Data*

Map Style

Flat map or Globe at High Zoom Level

Show or Hide Places

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