RouteAfterOptimize event

Occurs after the stops on the route have been optimized.

Applies to

Objects:  Map, MappointControl



Part Description
object An expression that evaluates to a Map or MappointControl object.
Rte Route object. The route for which properties were changed. Is always the same as the ActiveRoute property of the Map object. (For the MappointControl object, the ActiveRoute property can be accessed through the ActiveMap property.)


For information about optimizing the stops on a route, see the Optimize the stops on your route procedure topic.

Do not make this event infinitely recursive by calling itself or causing itself to be called.


    Dim WithEvents objApp As MapPoint.Application
  Dim WithEvents objMap As MapPoint.Map
  Dim objRoute As MapPoint.Route

  Private Sub Command1_Click()     'Create a route and optimize it     With objRoute.Waypoints       .Add objMap.FindResults("Seattle, WA").Item(1)       .Add objMap.FindResults("Redmond, WA").Item(1)       .Add objMap.FindResults("Tacoma, WA").Item(1)       .Add objMap.FindResults("Bellevue, WA").Item(1)     End With     objRoute.Waypoints.Optimize   End Sub
  Private Sub Form_Load()     'Set up the application     Set objApp = CreateObject("mappoint.application")     Set objMap = objApp.ActiveMap     Set objRoute = objMap.ActiveRoute     objApp.Visible = True     objApp.UserControl = True   End Sub
  Private Sub objMap_RouteAfterOptimize(ByVal Rte As MapPoint.Route)     MsgBox "The route has been optimized."   End Sub

Note  This sample code is specific for use in MapPoint North America; it is for illustration purposes only.