Configure a GPS receiver

To configure your GPS receiver, you must already have your GPS receiver connected to your computer.

  1. On the Tools menu in MapPoint, point to GPS, and then click Configure GPS receiver.

  2. Click Scan to have MapPoint find the port with the GPS device connected.

  3. When the correct port is highlighted in the Available ports box, click OK.


  • To configure your GPS receiver for use with MapPoint, its input/output format must be set to support the National Marine Electronic Association (NMEA) 0183 version 2.0 or later format. If you do not know if your GPS device supports this format, please see the documentation for the GPS receiver.

  • To use a GPS device with MapPoint, you must have the device driver for your GPS device installed on your computer. If you are using a Microsoft GPS device, then the driver was installed when you installed MapPoint. If you are using any other GPS device, see the documentation for your device.

  • Your GPS device must be configured to use a COM port below 256, and ports 20 and below are recommended. Ports above 256 are not recognized.

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