Recalculate a route from your current location

If you are using a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver with MapPoint, you can recalculate your route from your GPS-supplied location to get back on a route that you have left or to re-create your route after a detour. For your current location to be available to MapPoint, your GPS receiver must be receiving a satellite signal. Tall buildings, overpasses, and tunnels, among other things, can block your GPS receiver.

To recalculate a route from your current location

  1. Open the GPS pane and make sure that the GPS receiver is getting a signal.

  2. Under Routing, in the Recalculate route from current location to box, type or select the place or address to which you want to go.

  3. Click Go (F3) or press F3.

Note   MapPoint refreshes the map to include your current location as a numbered waypoint and to show the new route. If the Directions pane is open, the turn-by-turn directions also reflect the changes.

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