Simulated Kinect

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Simulated Kinect

The Simulated Kinect supports the following features:

  • Depth image
  • RGB image
  • Tilt.

The simulated Kinect behaves very much the same as a real Kinect Sensor.

You can specify the resolution of the Depth and RGB cameras independently.

The simulated Kinect matches the range limitations of the real Kinect sensor, i.e. minimum range is 800mm and maximum is 4000mm.

As with a real Kinect, the simulated Kinect can see through glass. Therefore it cannot be used reliably for obstacle avoidance if you have glass doors, e.g. in the simulated Apartment.

You can use a simulated Kinect on your own simulated robot, or you can use the Simulated Reference Platform which already has a Kinect attached.

Refer to the Kinect Services for RDS document for more information on using a Kinect. It is included as a PDF file in the Documentation folder.




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