Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility Namespace

Applies to v2.

The Microsoft.WebMatrix.Extensibility namespace provides classes for extending the WebMatrix IDE.


  Class Description
Public class CommonCommandIds Represents the common command IDs: composed of the GroupId which is a GUID separating the group, and the ID enum describing the individual command.
Public class ContextMenuItem Represents an item in a context menu.
Public class ContextMenuOpeningEventArgs Represents the event arguments for a context-menu opening event.
Public class DashboardItem Represents a report, scorecard, or filter on a dashboard page.
Public class Extension Represents a starting point for creating a WebMatrix extension.
Public class ExtensionInitData Represents the initialization data for the extension.
Public class HierarchyId Represents a descriptor used to access the site hierarchy.
Public class ProtectPathInfo Specifies information about the protected paths.
Public class RibbonButton Represents a ribbon button.
Public class RibbonButtonGallery Represents the button gallery for the ribbon.
Public class RibbonContextualTab Represents a contextual tab on the ribbon.
Public class RibbonGalleryCategory Represents a category in a ribbon gallery.
Public class RibbonGroup Represents a group on the ribbon.
Public class RibbonItem Represents an item on the ribbon.
Public class RibbonMenuButton Represents a ribbon menu-button.
Public class RibbonSplitButton Represents a ribbon split-button.
Public class RibbonSplitButtonGallery Represents a ribbon split-button that expands to a gallery.
Public class RibbonToggleButton Represents a ribbon toggle button.
Public class TaskTabItemDescriptor Represents a descriptor used to create the task tab in the editor space
Public class TreeItemEventArgs Represents an event data associated with tree items being added and removed.
Public class Utility Represents a class that exposes a variety of helpful utility methods.
Public class WorkspaceChangedEventArgs Represents a class that represents the event arguments for a WorkspaceChanged event.


  Interface Description
Public interface IBrowser Represents an interface implemented by each browser supplied by an extension.
Public interface IBrowserProvider Represents extensions that provides browsers dynamically.
Public interface ICommandId Defines a command ID.
Public interface ICommandTarget Represents an interface for the command target.
Public interface IContextMenuItem Represents an interface for the item in a context menu.
Public interface IDialogContent Represents an interface for providing custom content for a dialog and having control over when it closes.
Public interface IEditorWorkspace Represents an interface for the WebMatrix editor workspace.
Public interface IHostCommands Provides properties and methods for accessing commands exposed by the host.
Public interface IHtmlCopyOptions Provides the options for Copy as HTML in editor.
Public interface IHtmlDefaultCopyOptions Provides the HtmlCopyDefault options.
Public interface INewSiteProvider Represents a provider that will add new site creation options to WebMatrix. It is designed to optionally show up whenever WebMatrix exposes a new site UI.
Public interface IPreferences Represents the interface for interacting with per-site preferences.
Public interface IProtectPathInfo Provides properties for specifying information about protected paths.
Public interface ISiteFile Represents a file in the site.
Public interface ISiteFileSystemItem Represents a file or folder in the site.
Public interface ISiteFileWatcherService Represents a service that provides hookups for file changes in the site. Note that all events are lost when a site is changed.
Public interface ISiteFolder Represents a folder (directory) in the site.
Public interface ISiteItem Represents an item in the site.
Public interface IWaitDialog Represents a wait dialog that is used to indicate progress.
Public interface IWebMatrixHost Defines a method for interacting with the WebMatrix host.
Public interface IWebSite Provides properties for interacting with a web site.
Public interface IWorkspace Represents a WebMatrix workspace.


  Delegate Description
Public delegate CreateSiteDelegate Represents a class called by WebMatrix to create a new site.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration CommandStatus Specifies the CommandStatus return value used in CanExecute.
Public enumeration CommonCommandIds.Ids Defines values for command IDs; can be passed to ICommandTarget.
Public enumeration DialogSize Enumerates the dialog sizes for the ShowDialog methods.