MIIS 2003 Walkthrough Series

Applies To: Windows Server 2003 with SP1

This scenario and walkthrough is part of a series of walkthroughs to help you understand and use the features available in Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003. Complete the series of exercises in the following order:


To complete the Group Creation and Provisioning walkthrough, you must complete the Simple Account Provisioning walkthrough first and retain the final walkthrough setup. For all other walkthroughs, you must remove all of the data from the previous walkthrough before you set up the next walkthrough.

Known Issues

Be aware of the following known issues regarding the series of walkthroughs:

  • After you install Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003, make a complete backup of the Microsoft Identity Integration Server 2003 database before you run any of the scenarios in the \Scenarios folder by using the SQL Server 2000 backup tool. For more information about using the SQL Server 2000 backup tool, see SQL Server 2000 Help.

  • In some circumstances, when you install Microsoft Word viewer, you must restart to ensure that Identity Manager functions properly.

  • If you plan to run multiple walkthroughs or a single walkthrough multiple times, you must remove entries from Active Directory that were created during the walkthrough. For more information about removing entries from Active Directory, see “Active Directory” in Help and Support Center for Windows Server 2003.