Applies To: Forefront Identity Manager 2010

This is an example of a Windows PowerShell function that queries the Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) Service database and returns references to all resources that matched the query. For more information, see FIM Windows PowerShell Cmdlet Examples.

QueryResource Function

This function takes an XML filter as a parameter and passes that filter to the Export-FIMConfig cmdlet.

function QueryResource
    PARAM($Filter, $Uri = $DefaultUri)
        $resources = Export-FIMConfig -CustomConfig $Filter -Uri $Uri

The previous code assumes that the following variable is included in the script that contains the QueryResource function:

$DefaultUri = "https://localhost:5725"


This function is an example of how you can use the Import-FIMConfig cmdlet to query the FIM Service database for any information, not just configuration information as described in the Configuration Migration Deployment Guide. For example XPath filters, see XPath Filter Dialect Examples.

The AllRequestsToElevatedSecurityGroup and EnableAllMPRs examples use this function as a helper function.

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