Step 8: Verify Centralized Smart Card Registration

Verifying Forefront Identity Manager 2010 Certificate Management Centralized Smart Card.

  • Sign-on as User1 and issue a smart card to Lola Jacobson

Issue a smart card to Lola Jacobson

Logon with a regular user and issue that user a smart card.

To issue a smart card to Lola Jacobson

  1. Log on to CLIENT2 as corp\user1.

  2. Insert a new smart card into the smart card reader.

  3. Click Start, click All Programs, and then click Internet Explorer.

  4. In Internet Explorer, in the address bar at the top, enter https://fimcm1/certificatemanagement and hit enter. This should bring up the Forefront Identity Manager 2010 page. Click on click to enter. This will bring you to the main FIM CM page. This may take a moment.

  5. Under Common Tasks click Enroll a user for a new set of certificates or smart card. This will bring up a Search for Users screen.

    Enroll a user

  6. On the Search for Users screen, click Search. This will return all of the users in our domain.

    Search for a User

  7. From the users, click Lola Jacobson. This will bring up the Manager-Initiated Enroll screen.

    Search Results

  8. On the Manager-Initiated Enroll screen, in the box under Valid ID#1 enter Drivers License. In the box under Valid ID#2 enter Social Security Card. Click OK. This will bring up the Request Status screen.

    Data Collection

  9. On the Request Status screen, click Execute. This will bring up the Retrieving Smart Card Serial Number screen.


  10. On the Retrieving Smart Card Serial Number screen, it will now say that a smart card can be assigned to a user. Click Assign.


  11. This will begin the enrollment process. You will see a small pop-up box that says Initializing, Creating and generating keys, writing certificates.

  12. At this point, you will be prompted for a PIN. Enter 1234 for the New PIN and 1234 for Confirm PIN. Click OK.


  13. At this point, the smart card should complete and you will be on the Request Complete screen.


  14. Close Internet Explorer.

  15. Log off of CLIENT2.

  16. On CLIENT2, hit CTRL+ALT+DELETE, click Switch User and select Lola Jacobson Smartcard Logon.

  17. Enter the PIN (1234) and hit enter. You should now be logged on to CLIENT2 as Lola.