Caps.GuardBandLeft Property

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The screen-space coordinate of the left guard band clipping region.

Namespace:  Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DirectX.Direct3D
Assembly:  Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DirectX (in Microsoft.WindowsMobile.DirectX.dll)


Public ReadOnly Property GuardBandLeft As Integer
Dim instance As Caps
Dim value As Integer

value = instance.GuardBandLeft
public int GuardBandLeft { get; }
property int GuardBandLeft {
    int get ();
member GuardBandLeft : int

Property Value

Type: System.Int32
The screen-space coordinate of the left guard-band clipping region.


The left guard clipping region is the outside of the viewport range in which the device can accept screen coordinates; because the device can accept triangles that are partially or totally off-screen and within the guard band clipping region, the frequency of CPU-intensive clipping calculations can be reduced.

Coordinates that are inside of the guard-band clipping region but outside of the rectangle are automatically clipped.

A viewport is a rectangle that defines how a 3-D scene is rendered into a 2-D window. A viewport also defines an area on a device into which objects are rendered.

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Version Information

.NET Compact Framework

Supported in: 3.5, 2.0

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