Adding and Configuring a Database

As the database administrator, you must configure the server and the database(s) for your team after installation of Visual SourceSafe. The first step is to add one or more databases to the environment, according to instructions in How to: Add a Database.

Once you have set up the database(s), you will need to configure the server for the types of access needed by the database users. For example, access via the SourceSafe Internet plug-in for Visual Studio requires the Internet service to be running on the server machine.

When you have provided all the services necessary for the database users, it is time to secure the database(s) and limit user access. This will protect the databases from unauthorized use and help to ensure data integrity. See related procedures in Securing a Database.

This is also a good time to optimize Visual SourceSafe for performance. For related procedures, see Maintaining and Optimizing Visual SourceSafe.

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