Using Visual SourceSafe in Microsoft Access

Visual SourceSafe is integrated into Microsoft Access using the Access Source Code Control add-in. Using Visual SourceSafe for Microsoft Access, you can build a Microsoft Access application and version your objects.

About Visual SourceSafe for Microsoft Access

Visual SourceSafe stores each Microsoft Access query, form, report, macro, and module object as a text file. When you add a Microsoft Access object to Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Access exports the object to a text file in the working folder. The file is then added to the Visual SourceSafe project by the Access Source Code Control add-in.

When you get or check out a Microsoft Access query, form, report, macro, or module object, the Access Source Code Control add-in copies the text file from the Visual SourceSafe project to a working folder on your machine. Microsoft Access then imports the text file into the Microsoft Access database, turning it into the appropriate Microsoft Access object.

Installation of Visual SourceSafe for Microsoft Access

All products necessary to use the source control functionality of Microsoft Access are included with Microsoft Office 2000 Developer. The Visual SourceSafe client software must be installed on the machine that uses the add-in. The Visual SourceSafe shared database server can be installed either locally or remotely. If Visual SourceSafe is installed on just one machine, only the server software is necessary.

Working with Source Control in Microsoft Access

The integrated Visual SourceSafe functionality in Microsoft Access allows you to:

  • Find objects that are checked out

  • Check out an object

  • Check in an object

  • View change history for each object, or the entire database

  • Compare differences between object versions

  • Merge differences between object versions

  • Apply versioning to objects, and revert to a previous object version (even for deleted objects).

  • Add new team members, and synchronize them to the latest versions of all objects

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