View build results

You can view the results of a running or a completed build.

Open the build results window

  1. In Team Explorer:

    1. If you are not already connected to the team project that you want to work in, then connect to the team project.

    2. Choose Home icon Home, and then choose Builds Icon Builds (Keyboard: Ctrl + 0, B).

  2. On the Builds page, if you see the build you want to view under My Builds, double-click the build or open its context menu and choose Open.

    If the build you want to view is not displayed on the Builds page:

    1. Under Favorite Build Definitions or All Build Definitions, open the context menu for a build definition, and then choose View Builds.

      When Build Explorer appears, choose the Completed tab to view the completed builds, or the Queued tab to view the in-progress builds.

    2. If you do not see all the builds you are looking for, check the values in the filter menus located at the top of the Build Explorer window to make sure you are not filtering out the builds you are looking for.

    3. When you have located the build you want to view, double-click it, or open its context menu and choose Open.

    The build results window appears.


    If the build you opened is not yet running or is running as a batched gated check-in build, then the Build requestBuild Request window appears. To get more information, choose the View Queue link. When the build is running or has completed, choose the View Build Details link to view the build results window.

Use the build results window

Build results window

In the build results window:

  • Choose View Summary to view high-level results or View Log to view more detailed results.

  • Choose Open Drop Folder to get binaries, test results, and log files produced by the build from the staging location.

  • Did problems occur in your build? See Diagnose problems in your build.

  • You can rate the quality of the build.

  • Choose Actions, Open in Browser to view the build results in your web browser. You can then copy and share the URL via email to share information about this build.

  • To copy information from the summary or the log, select specific passages in the log or open a context menu from anywhere in the text and choose Select All. You can then open a context menu and choose Copy to copy the text to the clipboard.

  • In a graph of recently run builds of the same build definition, you can see how long it took for each build to run and whether it succeeded or failed. You can also choose a bar in the graph to display the results for a completed build.


    If you want to keep the current build results in view as you use the graph to browse past items, you must promote the provisional window:

    Build results in provisional window

    Choose Keep OpenKeep Open to promote the window, and then choose a bar in the graph to open its build results in a new provisional window.

  • Choose Actions to see other actions you can take, such as deleting the build.