How to: Edit the Datacenter Associated with a Deployment DiagramĀ 

Deployment diagrams are associated with a logical datacenter diagram and a system diagram or a default system. It is possible to edit the logical datacenter diagram in Logical Datacenter Designer to force compliance with the system you are deploying. However, this is an uncommon practice as the logical datacenter is usually tightly managed by a system administrator (refer to the Security section below). A better approach is to adjust the system, or the underlying applications themselves, to ensure a proper deployment against the constraints set on the logical datacenter diagram. To edit the logical datacenter diagram, use the following procedure.

To edit a logical datacenter diagram from Deployment Designer

  • In Deployment Designer, choose Edit Logical Datacenter from the Diagram menu.

    The associated logical datacenter diagram opens and is available for editing.


Be aware of potential security constraint changes that might be affected by editing a logical datacenter diagram. For example, modifying ASP.NET security constraints on an IIS Web server can drastically change the security model in use (Passport, Windows, or Forms authentication). If you are not the owner of the logical datacenter diagram, request approval from the appropriate authority prior to making changes.

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