ExcelFormatOptions Members

Provides properties for retrieving and setting options when exporting to Excel.

The following tables list the members exposed by the ExcelFormatOptions type.

Public Properties

Property Description
Public property ExcelAreaGroupNumber  Gets or sets the base area group number if the area type is group area.
Public property ExcelAreaType  Gets or sets the area type if not using constant column width.
Public property ExcelConstantColumnWidth  Gets or sets the column width.
Public property ExcelTabHasColumnHeadings  Gets or sets export to Excel to have column headings option.
Public property ExcelUseConstantColumnWidth  Gets or sets export to Excel to use constant column width.
Public property FirstPageNumber  Gets or sets the first page number.
Public property LastPageNumber  Gets or sets the last page number.
Public property UsePageRange  Gets or sets whether the page range should be used.


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