Migrating a Project that Uses Crystal Reports for Visual Studio Merge Modules Deployment

To migrate an existing project that uses Crystal Reports for Visual Studio from Merge Modules deployment to Windows Installer deployment, follow the instructions in this section.

First, remove the merge modules from the setup project. Then, re-build the setup project. Finally, use the .msi Windows Installer file to deploy your application.

For the purposes of this tutorial, the setup project is referred to by the default name "Setup1".

To remove merge modules from the setup project

  1. In Visual Studio, open your Windows application or Web Site.
  2. In Solution Explorer, expand Setup1, point to a merge module that has been added to the setup project, and then click Remove.
  3. Repeat Step 2 to remove all Crystal Reports for Visual Studio merge modules.

To build the Setup Project

  1. Select Setup1 in Solution Explorer.

  2. From the Build menu, choose Rebuild Setup1.

The build process creates the following installer files: setup.exe and Setup1.msi.

To deploy the Setup Project

  1. Outside of Visual Studio, navigate to the directory where your deployment project has been saved.

  2. Double-click the Setup1 folder.

  3. Open the Debug folder to find the files that were built from the Setup Project.

  4. Copy the .msi Windows Installer file to the target computer.

  5. Distribute the Crystal reports that are used in the project.

For more information about which binding scenarios require that you distribute report files, see [Report Files](ms225231\(v=vs.90\).md).
  1. On the target computer, double-click Setup1.msi to install the Windows application or Web Site with Windows Installer.

  2. Complete the setup.