Setting a Size Limit on Attachments

You can set a size limit on attachments to work items in Team Foundation Server. Depending on the needs of your organization and the storage limitations of your Team Foundation server, you might want to limit the allowed size of work item attachments. Alternately, you might want to increase the default attachment size.

Size Limits

By default, the work item file attachment size limit is 4,096 kilobytes. For information on how to change the attachment size limit, see How to: Set the Maximum Attachment Size for Work Items.

Consider the implications carefully before changing the default attachment size limit. Changing the attachment limit value will alter the attachment size limit for all Team Foundation Server users. The value cannot be changed for a single user or a group of users. Will the Team Foundation Server server have adequate storage? If you choose to restrict the attachment size limit, how will you be impacting the workflow of some or all of your users? For most organizations, the default size limit will probably be adequate. 

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