FRAME Element

This section lists the methods supported by the FRAME and IFRAME elements.

accDoDefaultAction Returns E_NOTIMPL.
accHitTest See Hit Testing
accLocation Specifies the location in screen coordinates.
accNavigate See About General Navigation
accSelect Sets the focus on itself. The method only supports SELFLAG_TAKEFOCUS.
get_accChild Returns the requested child object or its ID. If you set the child ID to CHILDID_SELF, the method returns E_INVALIDARG.
get_accChildCount Returns one as the child count if the parameters are correct.
get_accDefaultAction Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accDescription Returns "MSAAHTML Registered Handler".
get_accFocus Returns the accessible object for the document's active element.
get_accHelp Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accHelpTopic Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accKeyboardShortcut Returns E_NOTIMPL.
get_accName Returns the inner URL property of the document object (document.URL).
get_accParent Returns the parent's document pane.
get_accRole Returns ROLE_SYSTEM_CLIENT.
get_accSelection See About Selection
get_accState Returns STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSABLE, which always applies, or STATE_SYSTEM_FOCUSED, which applies if any element has focus.
get_accValue Returns E_NOTIMPL.
put_accName Returns E_NOTIMPL.
put_accValue Returns E_NOTIMPL.