TOOLBARLABEL Element | ToolbarLabel Class

Adds a ToolbarLabel element to an ASP.NET Web Form.


ASP <tagPrefix:TOOLBARLABEL ... >

Possible Values

tagPrefix Required. The element prefix associated with the WebControls namespace (Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls). A TagPrefix is defined using the directive.


Instead of content, the TOOLBARLABEL element can include TEXT and/or an image.

This element is a block element.

This element requires a closing tag.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the ToolbarLabel object.

Attribute Property Description
AccessKey Sets or retrieves the keyboard shortcut key (AccessKey) for setting focus to the item.
DEFAULTSTYLE DefaultStyle Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the default style for the element.
Enabled Sets or retrieves a value indicating whether the item is enabled.
ID ID Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the string that identifies the object.
IMAGEURL ImageUrl Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the URL of the image to be displayed on a node or toolbar item.
Index Retrieves the index of the toolbar item within the parent.
Parent Retrieves the parent object of a node.
ParentToolbar The Toolbar control that contains this item.
TabIndex Sets or retrieves the tab index of the item.
TEXT Text Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the text or caption for the object.
ToolTip Sets or retrieves the ToolTip for the item to be displayed when the cursor is over the control.
Method Description
ToString Retrieves a System.String that indicates the current object.

Class Information

Namespace Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls

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